Desert Runs - A proven and successful exercise regime to keep your dogs Active, Healthy & Happy

Pawland is UAE's only petcare company offering Desert Runs

A blend of exercise and play-time, desert runs is the much awaited favorite routine of our dogs. From the minute they are set free in the deserts, till they are boarded back into our mobile transport, they enjoy every single minute out in the open. With multiple handlers supervising dogs at all times, none of them can sniff their way out of the pack.
With over a decade of experience, this fun regime has become a proven model to keep your dogs happy & healthy, both mentally & physically.
Keeps dogs Healthy, Agile and Limber
Significantly reduce Behavior Issues
Improve pet's overall metabolism
Boost Self-Confidence and Trust amongst fearful/timid dogs
Dogs are calm, rather than restless, at home
Keep dogs’ weight under control

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