Top 10 Challenges Dog Parents Face While Maintaining Dog Walking Routine in UAE

October 11, 2023
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Dog parents may miss dog walks for a variety of reasons, each rooted in different aspects of daily life and varying circumstances. Here are some top reasons:

Challenges Dog Parents in Maitaining Dog Walking Routine

1. Time Constraints

Busy Schedules: Packed daily routines, long working hours, or unexpected tasks can result in missed walks.

Fatigue: After a long day, dog parents might feel too tired to go for a walk.


2. Weather Conditions

Extreme Weather: Harsh weather conditions from dust storm to extreme heat can deter walks or shorten the walk duration


3. Health Issues

Physical Health: Dog parents may have health issues that limit mobility or cause pain/discomfort.

Mental Health: Mental health challenges, like depression, might affect the motivation to go outdoors.


4. Lack of Motivation

Procrastination: Delaying or avoiding walks due to a lack of motivation or enthusiasm.

Prioritizing Other Activities: Choosing to engage in other activities might push dog walking down the priority list.


5. Safety Concerns

Unsafe Environments: Neighborhood safety issues might limit outdoor activities such as ongoing construction. 

Dog Behavior Issues: If a dog is aggressive or overly anxious, owners might avoid public walks.


6. Inadequate Resources

Lack of Suitable Walking Areas: Absence of dog-friendly parks or walkways.

Transportation Issues: Difficulty in reaching preferred walking spots.


7. Dog’s Health

Dog’s Physical Condition: If the dog is unwell, injured, or elderly, walks may be skipped.

Vaccination: Incomplete vaccination schedules might restrict outdoor interactions.


8. Social and Emotional Factors

Social Anxiety: Some dog parents might avoid walks due to social anxiety or unease around other dog owners.

Grief or Loss: Personal loss might hinder participation in regular activities like dog walking.


9. Work Commitments

Travel: Work-related travel might disrupt regular walk schedules.

Inconsistent Shifts: Variable work shifts might interfere with routine activities.


10. Lack of Knowledge or Understanding

Underestimating Importance: Unawareness about the significance of regular walks for a dog’s well-being. 

Lack of Knowledge: Many pet parents lack the knowledge or implement the right practices to enjoy walking with their beloved pet. As a result, it is perceived as a burden rather than an joyful bonding session. Check out this guide on the common mistakes made by dog parents


Despite these barriers, finding alternative solutions such as hiring dog walkers from Reputed Pet Sitting Companies, creating indoor play activities, or setting up playdates with other dogs can ensure that a dog’s physical and mental stimulation is not hampered. Moreover, hiring a professional walker also means that they ensure your dog’s routine is 100% consistent and more importantly done right. Being mindful and creating a balanced approach to cater to a dog’s needs, even amidst challenges, forms the crux of responsible dog parenting. 

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