Pawland Guide : Meet & Greet

Meet & Greet session with the allocated pet sitter, provides you with the opportunity to discuss the pet’s personality, and go over care instructions. This shall ensure the expectations are set prior to the booking for all stakeholders. 



Important Things to cover during the Meet & Greet session:


Discuss the pet’s personality

It’s important to talk about their quirks, likes, and dislikes up front.


Unique quirks and habits

  • What’s their favorite toy or game?
  • Does the pet get worried or anxious when left alone?
  • Are they protective of their toys or food?
  • Does your pet have the tendency to escape when the front or back door is left open?
  • Does the pet tend to steal food off tables and counters?
  • Does the pet have the tendency to chew on furniture or other valuables when left unattended?


Behaviour with new people and pets

  • Does the pet like other animals? Dogs? Cats?
  • Is the pet okay around kids?


Potty Training

  • Is the pet house trained?
  • Do they have occasional accidents when excited or nervous?
  • Do they sometimes act differently in new spaces or with new people?


Go over care instructions

Discuss everything the pet will need during the booking and confirm that the pet’s care instructions are filled out on Pawland.



  • When do they usually eat?
  • What’s their potty break or litter box cleaning schedule?
  • Does the pet get regular walks or playtime?
  • Are treats expected at certain times?

Medications and allergies

  • If the pet takes medications: what kind and when is it administered?
  • Does the pet have any allergies?


Health history

  • Does the pet have any health issues to keep in mind?
  • Is the provided vet information on Pawland up to date?