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Five yellow stars indicating the five-star rating of Pawland, which is a pet sitting service provider in Dubai

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Sunny is a playful little conure. When I went out of town for a bit, I didn’t know if someone else could keep up with his playfulness. All my concerns were quickly put to rest because the bird sitter had

Valarie Vargas

Cockatoo Mom, Mudon

Five yellow stars indicating the five-star rating of Pawland, which is a pet sitting service provider in Dubai

My cockatoo Reigny is always uncomfortable around strangers but my allocated pet sitter was able to handle her so well that she didn’t even know I wasn’t there! She didn’t even leave her when I was back from a long business trip.”

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Our Services for Birds

In-Home Bird Boarding

Bird stays at the pet sitter’s house

What’s better than bird sitting services? In-home bird boarding services that mimic the comfort and safety of your home!

Pawland’s in-home bird boarding services let you drop your baby bird(s) off at one of our trusted pet sitter’s residences for the time you’re not available. All our pet sitters are trained in bird care, and know how to provide a safe and bird-friendly environment

From your side, just bring your bird over in their cage, specify all their requirements, and our pet sitter will ensure all their care requirements are properly handled.

Your bird will have their feeding schedule maintained, water/food bowls cleaned out, and toys provided for adequate play. If your birds are trained to return on gesture or command, they will be allowed to fly around the pet sitter’s residence as well.


Drop-In Visits

Bird sitter drops in during the day or night

If you need a pet sitter for short durations during the day or night, then Drop-In Pet Sitter visits are for you!

Our trained pet sitters will drop-in and check on what your bird is up to. They’ll do what you ask them to do during this time. If your bird needs to be let out for a while and supervised, they’ll do just this.

Or, if food and water bowls need to be changed, they’ve got that covered too! Just specify what you need them to do and they’ll have it covered. They’ll even just go over to keep an eye on your bird while you’re away.


Live-In Bird Sitter

Bird Sitter stays at your home

With this service, a trusted bird care professional will come over to your place and take care of your bird for the time you’re away.

Your feathered friend will be nourished, played with, and kept safe throughout the period of the service. When booking the service, tell the pet sitter what you need to be taken care of and they’ll handle the rest. There’s no doubt that your bird will receive personalised and unconditional care.

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Professional Bird Sitting & Bird Boarding Services

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Get a Free Quote!

When you book our bird sitting or in-home bird boarding services, our team will review your requirements and send you back a quote. We’ll also send across the profiles of three pet sitters that best meet your requirements. 

From this list, you can choose the top pet sitter profile for you and book their service.

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Meet Your Bird Sitter!

We’ll then arrange a Meet and Greet session for you to get acquainted with the pet sitter. You can get them up to speed on your bird’s requirements and also observe how they interact with your bird. 

You can ask any questions you may have, and discuss the specifics of taking care of your bird.

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Tend to Your Schedule!

All of our pet sitters know that birds have very unique care requirements. By following bird-friendly and specific care practices, your bird will be happy and safe. Our pet sitters keep trust and safety at the core of what they do. You can carry on with what you’ve got to do with a relaxed mind.

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Book the Best Bird Sitters Near You!

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All bird sitter are on-boarded only after passing a strict background check

A green checkmark in a circle to show that Pawland is verified

All bird sitters are deemed certified by our team of bird experts

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We ensure a secure booking process*

*All booked services are backed by the Pawland Guarantee, 24/7 Support, and Reservation Protection.

Award Winning Pet Sitting Company

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Pawland is a professional pet sitting company that provides pet sitting & boarding services near you, all over the UAE. For our pet sitters, each service is an opportunity to form a bond with your pet bird(s).

They’ll take the time to get to know your bird and provide them with personalised care. By choosing our bird sitting & boarding services, you will be giving your bird the best care when you’re away. We love the sound of chirpy birds, and our pet sitters will have your bird happy and healthy always.

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We have got your pet covered when you are in any kind situation like all the possible situations.
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Pawland Gives You Backup in When There is a Sudden Business Meeting
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Why choose us for your bird sitting & bird boarding needs?

Our pet sitters will treat your bird like their very own and give them all the care they need to thrive. Your bird will receive one-on-one focused attention and specialised care from our trained pet sitters. 

A Bird Sitter Petting Bird on His Chest

Personalised Care

At Pawland, we believe that taking a one-size-fits-all-approach will not make for a happy bird. Our pet sitters will follow the routine and special requirements you specify at the start of the service.

We provide exceptional personalised care to reduce the anxiety for you and your bird!

Trusted Experience

All our pet sitters are profound bird lovers at heart, and have the skills necessary to handle different kinds of birds. Our pool of pet sitters has professionals specifically trained in the care of birds to ensure that you get the best pet sitter when you opt for bird sitting/in-home bird boarding services. 

Whatever the situation, service, or requirement, our pet sitters will be able to handle it.

A Cute Bird is being cared by a bird sitter
A Bird is Eating Above a Bird Sitter's Shoulder

100s of Happy Chirps and Claps

After each of our bird sitting and in-home bird boarding services, birds are chirping and their parents are clapping. 

With a 100% satisfaction rate, we’re here to continue caring for birds when their owners are out and about.

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Happy Bird Served



5-Star Reviews


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Repeat Customers


Book our services through secure transaction and payment methods that are authorised by the UAE government. Booking a bird sitting or in-home bird boarding service has never been this easy.


Our pet sitters are reliable and punctual. They have a proven track record of showing up on time to ensure your schedule and your bird’s routine remains uninterrupted. We guarantee that all our bird sitters uphold this standard of punctuality. 

Even if there are situations where the pet sitter may have to cancel, our team will find you a suitable replacement. We’ll have you covered by the Reservation Protection Policy.

100% Assured

If you are not satisfied with our services, we assure you a 100% money-back guarantee. When you book our services, you have our word because we give you the Pawland Guarantee


You can reach out to us at any time, and our team will be available to assist you. Want to book a service? Need support? Reach out to us!


If you’ve got questions, we’ve got the answers!  

Happy macaw parent wearing plaid shirt and red macaw on hand after in-home bird boarding services

Michale Bridges

Macaw Dad, Al Satwa

Five yellow stars indicating the five-star rating of Pawland, which is a pet sitting service provider in Dubai

Having to leave my bird at home is a thought I’ll never be able to fathom. I’m glad I was able to find the right bird sitting services on time before a long planned vacation. The pet sitter was there for my bird at all hours of the booked service.”

Bird Sitting and In-Home Bird Boarding Services are your best bet!

Bird is Showing Happy Expression While Bird Boarding

How Your Bird Benefits

How You Benefit

Happy conure parent wearing white shirt with conure on hand after bird sitting and in-home bird boarding services

Rowan Chang

Conure Parent, Green Community

Five yellow stars indicating the five-star rating of Pawland, which is a pet sitting service provider in Dubai

Sunny is a playful little conure. When I went out of town for a bit, I didn’t know if someone else could keep up with his playfulness. All my concerns were quickly put to rest because the pet sitter had their way with handling birds so well that my conure was quick to get attached and play with them.”

Our Stellar Pet Sitters

350+ Trusted Pet Sitters across UAE

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Rated No.1 Pet Sitting Company in UAE

UoS Suha Al-Naimi
UoS Suha Al-Naimi
Outstanding service and an exceptional team at Pawland! Whenever we require a dog sitter, Pawland will undoubtedly be our top choice. Skandy, who took care of our dog, is both incredibly welcoming and highly skilled. Our dog felt completely at ease during his stay with her and Skandy as well gave him a lovely cuddly toy which is now his favourite toy. The service was exceptional, with regular photo updates of our furry friend. Even on short notice, they went the extra mile by picking him up from our home and returning him. A heartfelt thank you to the entire team! ❤️🥰♥️
Dina Noufal
Dina Noufal
I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to Mary Ann for her exceptional care of my dear girl cat while I was traveling. Thanks to her, it was the first time I could enjoy my trip without any worry about my furry friend. Ann is not just an incredibly clean and organized petsitter; she has a special way with cats. My cat absolutely adores her, and it’s clear that she knows how to make her feel comfortable and cherished. From diligently maintaining the litter box to ensuring my cat is well-fed and engaged in playtime, Ann takes care of every detail. What’s more, her extra effort in sending me photos during each visit added an extra layer of reassurance, allowing me to see firsthand that my girl cat was in great hands. I wholeheartedly recommend Ann as the perfect choice for anyone seeking a cat sitter. She’s been a true blessing for me and my cat!
Durdana Farid
Durdana Farid
I hired the services of Pawland for my cat. I will say they are very professional. I got to work with Liberty and she was really very good with my cat. Professional and very engaging. Sent me videos and pictures every day without fail. I am so glad I have a reliable service as I travel a lot
Tomasz Lubaczewski
Tomasz Lubaczewski
Amazing company. Due to my work I had to go to UK for 2 days. Petsitter from Pawland took care so well about my little dog. Every 2-3h I was getting on my whatsapp pictures and movies of my baby + updates regarding walks. Really recommended!!
Lei Cabasan
Lei Cabasan
Liberty is an exceptional pet sitter! She took care of our cuties with love and dedication. Daily basis she’s sending us the videos and updating us. We never had to worry while we were away. I highly recommend Liberty to anyone seeking a reliable and caring pet boarding. Thank you Pawland team!
Very happy with the service received from Pawland. Liberty took care of my cat for a week whilst I was away for work. She was super responsive and sent several photos and videos every visit and showed a great interest in making sure my cat felt safe and loved. She made extra effort to create a bond with my cat and I will certainly be using Pawland and Liberty again in the future.
brn tissot
brn tissot
Very satisfied with Pawland services that I have already used twice for periods of 3 weeks and 10 days respectively. Special thanks to Faithlicuanan our latest dog walker...
Stefano Mazzei
Stefano Mazzei
Liberty took care of my cat during my vacation. She was very nice and friendly with him. Every day she sent me videos and updated me on him. Strongly recommended.
Natalie Bormann
Natalie Bormann
This was such a great experience. I booked Sheena and Liberty to look after my two cats and they did such an amazing job and kept me updated throughout with really nice photos and videos. The cats warmed up to them very fast as well, which was great and I was able to enjoy my vacation without having to worry. I booked last minute and was also amazed how fast and efficient it all went.
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Do you still have questions?

Check out our FAQs section

It’s easy to book with us! Just follow these steps:

  • Step 1 - When you book our services, we’ll give you an enquiry form to fill out. This form is essential for us to gather all your bird’s specific care requirements in order to take care of your feathered friend. Make sure you provide detailed information that our team can comprehend.
  • Step 2 - After this is done, we’ll revert back to you through Email or Whatsapp with a quote and the recommended service.
  • Step 3 - We’ll also put together a list of pet sitters near you that are experts in offering your requested service. From this list, you can choose the pet sitter you want to look after your bird.
  • Step 4 - Once you’ve decided on a pet sitter and made the payment, we will arrange a Meet and Greet session with them. You can use this time to understand how your designated pet sitter will take care of your bird(s) when you’re not there. This should give you peace of mind and closure - both of which are essential when you’re leaving your bird behind.

If you have any other questions you can reach out to the Pawland Team.

To keep you at ease throughout, we give you the freedom to choose a pet sitter that best meets your requirements.

After you book our services, we send you three profiles of top pet sitters according to your requirements. You get to review the different profiles and identify the one your bird will be most comfortable with. Pawland even lets you connect with these pet sitters beforehand through video call to determine whether you should narrow down on them.

We’ll arrange a Meet & Greet session to give you the time to get to know your pet sitter before the service begins.

If you have many birds living with you, you can definitely avail any of our services. Our pet sitters are trained in handling a variety of different bird breeds. Whether it be live-in bird sitting or in-home bird boarding services, we can accommodate multiple birds in one service. Just make sure you mention the number of birds, their individual breeds, and each one’s specific care requirements. This will make sure we find a pet sitter that can take care of your birds the way you want them to be taken care of.

We request you to book our services at least 24 hours in advance during regular times. If it is a peak holiday season, we request your cooperation in booking a service at least a week in advance so that we can allocate the best pet sitter for you. pet sitters will also use this time to sanitise their home and prepare their home for the next service.

However, if you have an urgent requirement for a bird sitting or in-home bird boarding service, please contact us. We will definitely get to your requirement and work to accommodate it.

You can book our bird sitting or in-home bird boarding services for as long as you want. We take down the duration of how long you require us for and make sure you have a committed pet sitter throughout this period. If you need to extend the service, just reach out to us and we’ll make the necessary arrangements. Your current pet sitter will either continue sitting your bird, or we’ll find you another one. This is all dependent on the availability of pet sitters. 

Please contact the Pawland team to know more about the services and their pricing.

To prepare for the service, we request that you provide instructions to the pet sitter on the following:

  • Your bird’s dietary requirements
  • The location of your bird’s food and toys (if live-in bird sitting service is availed)
  • Information about your bird’s vet
  • Any relevant medical information about your bird’s medical conditions or special needs
  • How they like their water baths
  • If your bird likes to be socialised with other birds that you may be leaving them with
  • Any medications that need to be given
  • The amount of time your bird needs to be out for flying
  • Emergency contact details

This information can be provided on the enquiry form when you book our services.

Any other information can be relayed to the pet sitter during the Meet & Greet session.

The pet sitter will mainly be responsible for:

  • Providing food and water
  • Changing food and water
  • Cleaning the bird’s cage and it’s area
  • Monitoring for any signs of illness
  • Providing playtime and exercise
  • Sending regular photo and video updates
  • Grooming procedures (on-request)

Our pet sitters know how important it is for your birds to stretch their wings and fly. This gives them exercise, which is essential for their overall well-being. As some birds may not be comfortable flying out of the cage, our pet sitters will discuss with you on how to provide exercise and play time. 

If your cage is big enough that it has enough space for flight, then you can mention this as well. 

Otherwise, if your bird is not used to flying outside the cage, our pet sitters will find ways to keep them engaged and exercised while inside.

We can guarantee that there’s hardly a chance your pet sitter will not meet your expectations. Till date, Pawland has maintained a 100% customer satisfaction rate. However, if in the unfortunate event that you are not happy with one of our pet sitters during a bird sitting service or in-home pet boarding service, our team will immediately find you a replacement. You can contact us for this, and raise a request. 

We’ll work with you to ensure you have a smooth and seamless transition process.

Yes! In fact, if you’re availing in-home bird boarding services, we advise that you give the pet sitter your bird’s specific seed mix, treats, other essential foods, medicines, cage, toys, cuttle bones, bird-friendly cleaning products, and more.

If in the case you forget to provide your bird sitter with an essential item, they will make the purchase for it and raise an invoice for the same towards the end of the service. 

Generally, we collect money up front for such occurrences and give you back the unused amount.

Yes, our pet sitters will clean out your cage at the frequency that you asked for it to be cleaned. Just make sure you give the pet sitter the products you use for cleaning, or specify what they are.

Our pet sitters treat your bird(s) like family. It is for this very reason that they make sure fans are off and windows are closed.

Your bird’s maximum safety is guaranteed throughout the course of the service.

Trusted by 100s of Bird Parents Everywhere

Check out reviews from our dog parents!
Five red stars indicating the five star quality offered by Pawland

Neil Hassett null


Cat Boarding Dubai service being used by russian cat parent as she avails luxury cat boarding service at her own place

Luna loves when people come to visit her and play. Pawland’s is a great service when you need someone to mind you bird while you are out during the the weekend.

Tyra Zaneta Yah null


T Letter Round Dark Yellow Image

I use Pawland for all my pet sitting needs! They’re reliable, fast, and very responsive. I feel safe leaving my pups with their sitters and am able to book with ease. Would recommend!

Almazmi null


Australian cat parent Andy availing best cat boarding dubai service for overnight services with the best 5 star cat sitters

Very efficient and professional service , they’re always timely in they’re response and always have the most wonderful sitters . Thank you pawland

Krutika Jadia null


K Icon

Services at Pawland are a blend of professionalism and care like home for my furrbaby. They ensure that these angels are taken care of with the best. Regular updates from the petsitter put me at peace while I was away from my pet. With Pawland, you can be assured that you will come back to a Happy Pet!

Kaisa Pedersen null


Cat Sitter Dubai is giving Ken's pet the best luxury cat boarding service with personalized care & 1-1 love & attention

I highly recommend Pawland. We paid for a package and had Marison take care of our puppy Frenchie during our busy working period and he absolutely loved her! She was always reliable, professional and very caring and knowledgeable. We also had 1 experience with Melissa who was also excellent. Joe from Pawland definitely has not disappointed and always checks in to ensure his team are meeting the high standard that he assures for our pets.

Mereena linu null


M Name Symbol

I’ve recently used Pawland service for the first time and I’d say they are amazing. They take care of my little one when I was on vacation and kept me updated with loads of his pictures. Their services include feeding/water, litter and playing along with him made me feel more secure of sending him there. Highly appreciate your staffs’ effort; our Nala is so much well behaved now. Thank you Pawland services😍😍.

Dubai Life null


Dubai Life

Services are amazing! Our petsitter was so kind, helpful and took care for all of my 5 pets on the high level. Everyday i recived reposts about their behavior, mood, food consumption and walking time. Great services, next time will use for sure🙌

Narjis Razvi null


Narjis Razvi

Thank you pawland for taking care of my pet bird. Your service is amazing and i would advice all the pet birds parents to go with pawland as they tc of everything.

Stephanie null


Middle eastern cat parent is pleased with Pawland Cat Boarding Dubai services for long term cat boarding at home

Excellent service! Very professional and I felt like my pet was in good hands whilst I was away. Katalyn is lovely, personable, and sent plenty of pictures and videos du..

Ranaisha Nage null


R Letter Round Blue Image

Amazing! Truly satisfied and happy with the service provided by Pawland. They accommodated all my requests amicably which made me appreciate them even more. The sitter that was assigned to look after my 3 month old pup – Ms Jade, was super friendly and gave the perfect care to my lil Oreo. Would definitely recommend.

Chirag null


5 Star Pet Sitting Company Pawland provides Indian Cat Parent the best cat boarding service experience in Dubai

Pawland came to our rescue when we were looking for a daycare to keep our pet Skye. They provided us with one of their best pet sitters who ensured Skye is taken care of just as she would be while she is at home. Their unique feature of regular updates just added to our confidence. Thank You Pawland team.

Justin Joseph null


Cat Parent from Lebanon availing kitty boarding services in Dubai at affordable prices provided by Trusted Cat Sitters

Pawland has been extremely prompt in responding to my last minute request and provided us with an excellent petsitter Elaine who took the best care of Sparkle our GR. They kept sharing videos and photos throughout the stay. Sparkle was really happy with her stay with them. I recommend Pawland for all your needs related to your pets.

Danna Simon null


Dubai Life

Great service! Quick to respond, have a great pool of experienced petsitters, that are punctual and professional. They were listening to my specific needs and did provide the service covering those needs and expectations. Fair pricing and overall fantastic service!

Diego Nunes null


This cat parent didn't prefer cat boarding facility and avails a in-home cat boarding dubai service to ensure his cat is safe

Fantastic service! They do take the time to meet and understand the pets before looking after them. Always communicating and sending pictures. Very reliable and precise on a daily basis. Highly recommend it.

Sinju Mathew null



Pawland has amazing pet sitters who Are experienced and so loving to our pets… It’s my second time with Pawland and I am overjoyed to say that my baby was in safe hands … Elaine the petsitter and her partner Toby took very good care of my pet Tucker . I would recommend everyone with pets to sit back and relax on your holidays leaving your precious babies at Pawland. So happy to meet Pawland 😍❤️

Natalie Jenson null


Cat Boarding Dubai service being used by russian cat parent as she avails luxury cat boarding service at her own place

Pawland have been amazing at responding so quickly and efficiently. The Walker they have recommended has become my little guys bestie! Thank you so much 😊

Candida Pereira null


5 Star Pet Sitting Company Pawland provides Indian Cat Parent the best cat boarding service experience in Dubai

Pawland is one of the best pet sitting companies in Dubai. Easy to book appointments and your pets are safe under the care of friendly and experienced petsitters.



K Icon

Pawland is the best! 💯 quality services and 💯 recommended.. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

All-Inclusive Services for Your Bird!

You name it and Pawland has it!

Paw with heart indicates the Loving Cat Sitters Dubai provide In Home Cat Boarding Dubai, Live In Pet Sitter Services

Whether your are going on a weekend getaway with family, or a long vacation overseas, or your dog needs special care because it’s not keeping well, our 1-1 personalised care will give you absolute peace of mind.

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