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Robina Lawton

Pet Parent, Barsha Heights

Five yellow stars indicating the five-star rating of Pawland, which is a pet sitting service provider in Dubai

My pet is everything to me! I was sceptical about opting for an in-home service to board my pet dog, but I found the perfect solution. My pet and I have never been happier!”

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Our Pet Boarding
Services in Sharjah

In-Home Pet Boarding

Pet stays at the pet sitter’s house

Away for a while and want to leave your pet somewhere? Our boarding service for your pet in Sharjah is the perfect solution.

With this service, you can avoid having to board your pet at a stressful boarding facility. Instead, you can board them at one of Pawland’s trusted and safe pet sitter’s place

From this point forward, our pet sitters will take care of all your pet’s basic needs and more. Just tell them your requirements and they’ll take over from there.


Drop-In Pet Visits

Pet sitter visits your home

With Drop-In Pet Visits, our pet sitters will go over to your place and take care of your pet buddy at specific times during the day or night.

The pet sitter will take care of on-time feeding, cleaning potty, providing exercise, and ensuring the areas your pet frequents are regularly wiped down.


Live-In Pet Sitter

Pet sitter stays at your home, day or night

Pawland’s Live-In Pet Sitter services are the perfect way to get your pet the specialised love and care they need while you’re out and about.

The best part is, our pet sitters will come over and care for them in the comfort of your home! This service relieves your pet of anxiety and stress that arises from being in unfamiliar settings. 

All our pet sitters are reliable and experienced, so you can count on them to keep your pet safe at all times!

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Book Pet Boarding Services in Sharjah!

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Get a Free Quote!

Our team will review your specific requirements and send you a quote. We’ll also give you the freedom to choose the pet sitter you feel is right for your pet from a list of the top three pet sitter profiles. We put this list together after carefully reviewing your requirements.
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Meet Your Pet Sitter!

After you’ve identified the pet sitter for your pet, we’ll arrange a Meet and Greet session to understand your pet’s care requirements. You can use this time to elaborate on the instructions and guidelines that come with taking care of your pet. Through this process, our pet sitter will care for your pet how they want to be cared for. 
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Enjoy Peace of Mind!

Our pet sitter will then take care of the rest from here, and ensure your pet receives the promised care and specialised attention.

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Book Reliable Boarding Services for Your Pet in Sharjah!

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All pet sitters are on-boarded only after passing a strict background check

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All pet sitters are deemed certified by our team of pet experts

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We ensure a secure booking process*

*All booked services are backed by the Pawland Guarantee, 24/7 Support, and Reservation Protection.

Award Winning Pet Boarding Company in Sharjah

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Pawland is a renowned pet Boarding company that offers practical variations of pet sitting and boarding services in Sharjah, as well as all over the UAE. We have flexible pet boarding services to meet all your pet’s needs. Till date, Pawland has secured a 100% satisfaction rate by providing services according to the unique requirements of customers and their beloved pets. All our pet sitters find joy in caring for your pets just like theirs! 
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We have got your pet covered when you are in any kind situation like all the possible situations.
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Pawland Gives You Backup in When There is a Sudden Business Meeting
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Why Pawland’s boarding services in Sharjah for your pet?

When you're away, our pet sitter’s house is your pet's home.

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We know that your pet’s safety and happiness are your top priority. So when you can’t be there, we step in to make sure your pet never misses out on love and care.

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Personalised Care

From years of experience handling a range of pets, our pet sitters understand that each pet is unique. This ensures your pet is cared for the way they want.  Our expert-driven plans and experienced pet sitters make sure nothing goes wrong while you are away from your pets. We can assure you that our trained professionals provide the best one-on-one care.

Trusted Expertise

Pet boarding is not just ensuring your pets are fed and entertained. It’s understanding your pet in and out to provide them with the proper care they need.

All our professionals have years of experience in caring for pets and making sure they are happy and healthy all-around.

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A loving redhead dog sitter hugging a fluffy dog with its tongue out

100s of Happy Pets and Pet Parents

We continuously strive to uphold our standard of having a 100% satisfaction rate. All our customers who avail our services in Sharjah are always left with smiles on their faces!

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5-Star Reviews


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We offer secure transactions and payment methods that are authorised by the Sharjah government. This means you can book any of our services in just a few clicks.


We guarantee that this is a very unlikely occurrence, but if your pet sitter cancels due to an emergency, we will promptly find you a suitable replacement. You can rest assured because our Reservation Policy will have you covered.

100% Assured

With a 100% satisfaction rate from customers who opted for our services, there’s hardly a chance that things will go wrong. If they do, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee, and also have you covered by the Pawland Guarantee


You can reach out to us 24/7 and our team will be able to assist you round the clock. Have queries? Want to book a service? Need support? Reach out to us!

Young woman looking at her cockatoo parrot in the morning

Kerri Walmsley

Pet Parent, Damac Hills

Five yellow stars indicating the five-star rating of Pawland, which is a pet sitting service provider in Dubai

I was offered amazing support by the team. They resolved all my questions about boarding services for my pet in Sharjah, and took the time to understand my requirements. Overall, definitely a smooth and hassle free experience.”

Why We Recommend Boarding Services At Home in Sharjah for Your Pet

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How Your Pet Benefits

How You Benefit

Elderly woman holding white rabbit with brown ears in her hands while smiling at him

Norah Harvey

Pet Parent, Dubai Marina

Five yellow stars indicating the five-star rating of Pawland, which is a pet sitting service provider in Dubai

Our pet Cinnamon is a significant part of our family. When I had to visit my daughters, the allocated pet sitter took excellent care of my bunny. My baby bunny and I were beyond satisfied when I returned.”

Our Stellar Pet Sitters

350+ Trusted Pet Sitters across Sharjah

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Rated No.1 Pet Boarding Company in Sharjah

divya varghese
divya varghese
26. July, 2023
It was a wonderful experience for me and my pet.He is being taken care with love and care.Amanda is so sweet and easy to communicate. She gave me daily updates and also ensured me that I can have a relaxed vacation. Thank you so much Amanda and Pawland for the wonderful experience...
Mony S
Mony S
25. July, 2023
My two Westy dogs stayed with Ralph for around 4days/3nights. I received regular updates and photos all through. They were cared for very kindly, and hygienic conditions were maintained (this was crucial as one of them has a skin allergy). I am happy to recommend both Ralph and Pawland for the service, thank you so much!
Alesia Siamionava
Alesia Siamionava
25. July, 2023
Highly recommended this company to take care of your pets. 5* quality, pet sitter. First time I used such service for my cat and really happy how sitter take care of him and response with photos and video.
K1n dr3d
K1n dr3d
24. July, 2023
We have had a positive experience, the company. I need to mention Sheryl as a professional who was in charge of our cat for week while we were away from the country. She is highly responsible and caring person, we received the pictures and videos on a daily basis, she was in touch to discuss every situation and to take into account all the additional requests. Can't recommend more!
Kim Hillius
Kim Hillius
24. July, 2023
I can really recommend this pet sitting agency! Especially our sitter Peaches. She did a great job and kept me updated daily. Even if we couldnt meet her, we trusted her and she perfectly gave our cat the attention and Love he deserves! Much better than any pet hotel.
Tara Hession
Tara Hession
23. July, 2023
The team at Pawland are great. I’ve been using them recently for our new puppy and they arrive on time and look after our puppy so well. Highly recommend to anyone looking for pet sitters in Dubai. Really take care of your pets and send constant updates. Brilliant service.
Natalie Bormann
Natalie Bormann
23. July, 2023
This was such a great experience. I booked Sheena to look after my two cats and she did such an amazing job and kept me updated throughout with really nice photos and videos. The cats warmed up to her very fast as well, which was great and I was able to enjoy my vacation without having to worry. I booked last minute and was also amazed how fast and efficient it all went.
Alice Vraniantu
Alice Vraniantu
23. July, 2023
Happy to say that my cats were taken good care of and the person who was sitting took care even of the flood i had from a broken pipe. I was inspired to choose them, my cats and my house were in good hands. 7 stars from me!! ❤️
Nisrine EL MIR
Nisrine EL MIR
22. July, 2023
PAWLAND makes it easier to leave our beloved pets whenever needed at their place and without thr trauma of moving your pet to an unfamiliar environment. Support is customised to the needs of every person and pet with punctuality and professionalism and mostly affection to pets. Highly recommended for those needing to travel every now and then!! YUKI appreciated the support a lot
Sharath Babu Nagarajan
Sharath Babu Nagarajan
22. July, 2023
Much needed service for my pets. Highly recommend Pawland for any pet sitting services.

Google rating score: 5 of 5, based on 90 reviews

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Do you still have questions?

Check Out Our FAQ Section

Although our pet sitting services offer optimal care, there are chances that your pet may fall sick or meet with an unexpected emergency.

In such cases, our pet sitters are all trained to be able to handle your pet in the safest manner. We’ll contact you to determine any necessary courses of action.

If you are not available, our pet sitters will determine the best course of action and tend to your pet’s needs immediately. They’ll take care of transporting your pet to a petcare facility to get them the right medical intervention.  

During your booked service, your pet and you are taken care of by the Pawland Guarantee. 

Pawland offers various pet sitting services, the main ones including: live-in pet sitting services, drop-in pet visits, and in-home pet boarding services. 

If you have any questions regarding the services we offer you can reach out to the Pawland Team.

We at Pawland focus on providing your pet with a safe space throughout their stay at our pet sitter’s residence. 

We take down all the information required to assimilate the care and love you offer your pet. All the homes of our pet sitters are clean and safe as well. 

While it is common for pets to experience a bit of anxiety or stress in unfamiliar settings, all our pet sitters are trained in handling your pet to ensure they are comforted and tended to when required.

During the Meet & Greet session, our pet sitter will discuss the essentials and ensure your pet has a happy and safe stay.

Your pet’s schedule will look just the same as what you specify in the booking form. When booking, we make sure to gather this information as it is essential for the well-being of your pet during their stay at the pet sitter’s house. 

You can further elaborate on your pet’s schedule and other care requirements during the Meet & Greet session so that our pet sitter can closely follow it. 

At Pawland, we guarantee customised services to ensure all your pet’s needs are taken care of. Throughout the booked service, you and your pet are covered by the Pawland Guarantee.

Booking can be done in a few simple steps.


  • The first step is to fill out an enquiry form. You can provide the relevant details required to care for your pet, as well as the responsibilities that pet sitters will primarily have. 
  • After this, our team will get back to you in minutes via Email or Whatsapp with a quote.
  • We will also send across three suitable pet sitters who are the best match for you based on your pet’s needs.
  • Before the start of the service, we will arrange a Meet and Greet session with your chosen pet sitter. 
  • You can use this time to discuss your pet’s requirements with the pet sitter, as well as any other essentials.

If you have any other questions, you can reach out to our Pawland Team, and we will resolve any queries that you may have.

Of course! We know that you’re always eager to find out what your pet is up to. Our pet sitters make it a practice to send you regular updates on the well-being of your pet. 

If your pet has special needs, our pet sitters will make sure they handle it as required. All our pet sitters are trained professionals who know how to handle all kinds of pets with various conditions. 

Just provide information about your pet’s conditions and needs upfront, and our pet sitters will care for your pet like theirs.

Throughout the service, your pet and you are covered by the Pawland Guarantee.

Yes you can! After you’ve been allocated a pet sitter, we’ll let you visit their home to understand the kind of environment you’ll be boarding your pet in.

During this time, you can get them acquainted with the products you use around your pet. You can rest assured in being aware of the environment you’ll be leaving your pet in.

Trusted by 100s of Pet Parents

Check out reviews from our pet parents!
Five red stars indicating the five star quality offered by Pawland

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Cat Boarding Dubai service being used by russian cat parent as she avails luxury cat boarding service at her own place

Luna loves when people come to visit her and play. Pawland’s pet boarding is a great service when you need someone to mind you pet while you are out during the week..

Hynde El Kaysi null


H Letter Round Deep Pink Image

Roma was absolutely amazing. She has such a sweet nature and genuinely loves pet. Snoopy, My 4-month old toy poodle was immediately at ease with Roma. She..

Anastasiia null


Australian cat parent Andy availing best cat boarding dubai service for overnight services with the best 5 star cat sitters

This service is amazing. Administrators asked some questions about our request and helped really fast to choose a daycare nanny for our pet. We’d like to leave a co..

UoS Suha null


U Letter Round Purple Image
Amazing service and fantastic staff. Pawland will be by far our first choice when we need a pet sitter. Sithara, looked after our pet! She is so friendly and profe..

Tyra Zaneta Yah null


T Letter Round Dark Yellow Image
I use Pawland for all my pet boarding needs! They’re reliable, fast, and very responsive. I feel safe leaving my pups with their sitters and am able to book a pet sitting with ea..

Chirag null


5 Star Pet Sitting Company Pawland provides Indian Cat Parent the best cat boarding service experience in Dubai
Pawland came to our rescue when we were looking for a daycare to keep our pet Skye. They provided us with one of their best pet sitters who ensured Skye is taken care of..

Roisin ODonnell null


5 Star Rated Cat Sitter Dubai is being availed by Saudi Arabia's cat parent from Top cat boarding service company Dubai

It’s the first time we left our pet since he’s been with us for 1.5 years. We were so comforted to know he was with Ahmad who provided regular updates with photo..

Krutika Jadia null


Cat Boarding Dubai is being availed by Canadian cat parent who was looking for the best cat boarding service in UAE

Services at Pawland are a blend of professionalism and care like home for my furr-baby. They ensure that these angels are taken care of with the best. Regular..

Stephanie null


Middle eastern cat parent is pleased with Pawland Cat Boarding Dubai services for long term cat boarding at home

Excellent service! Very professional and I felt like my pet was in good hands whilst I was away. Katalyn is lovely, personable, and sent plenty of pictures and videos du..

Eve Wilkins null


E Letter Round Dark Yellow Image

Amazing dog walking service. Our 1  year old maltese is a bit anxious and we have tried other dog walkers before who she just didn’t take to and they didn’t know..

R Bennett null


Trusted and professional Cat Sitters in Dubai are being preferred by this cat parent in UAE due to personalized cat services

Such a lifesaver of a service! Eleanor was calm and patient with my 9 month puppy who is scared barking and growling at new people. She persevered and when I came..

Justin Joseph null


Cat Parent from Lebanon availing kitty boarding services in Dubai at affordable prices provided by Trusted Cat Sitters
Pawland has been extremely prompt in responding to my last minute request and provided us with an excellent pet sitter Elaine who took the best care of Sparkle..

Reina Sharma null


R Letter Round Pink Image

Thank you so much for your service, you are our savior. You accommodate all our requests, be it urgent or pre planned, so far we had a very good experience with..

Kaisa Pedersen null


Cat Sitter Dubai is giving Ken's pet the best luxury cat boarding service with personalized care & 1-1 love & attention

I highly recommend Pawland. We paid for a pet boarding package and had Marison take care of our puppy Frenchie during our busy working period and he absolutely..

Ranaisha Nage null


R Letter Round Blue Image

Amazing! Truly satisfied and happy with the service provided by Pawland. They accommodated all my pet boarding requests amicably which made me appre..

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