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Dannie Joyce

Downtown Dubai

Five yellow stars indicating the five-star rating of Pawland, which is a pet sitting service provider in Dubai

My cat has never been more comfortable with another individual before! She was eager to meet the cat sitter during the next scheduled service as well. They really do keep your cat purring!”

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Cat Sitting Dubai Services

Live-In Cat Sitter

Cat sitter stays at your place

Cats love being in their known habitat because it brings them security and comfort. With live-in cat sitting services in Dubai, your cat will get to stay at home while we send one of our trusted cat sitters over to your place. 

The dubai cat sitter will feed your cat on time, play with them to keep them company, and administer medications if required. They’ll do what’s necessary based on the instructions you provide them with. 

You can avail this service for as long as you need, whether it be throughout the day or overnight. When you book our service, the dubai cat sitter will be available and ready to give your cat full–time attention.


Drop-In Visits

Cat sitter visits at any time

If you need someone to look after your cat for just a few hours during the day or night, then our cat sitting dubai services for drop-in visits are for you. 

They’ll ‘drop-in’ to your place and check on what your cat is up to. While they’re at it, they’ll even top-up or feed your cat if required and play with them.

Just specify how long you need the dubai cat sitter for and they’ll make sure you have a happy cat.


In-Home Cat Sitting

Cat stays at cat sitter’s house

Having your cat taken care of in a homely setting is one of the best ways to keep them comfortable. If your home is not an option, then one of our dubai cat sitters will always be ready to provide the best in-home cat boarding experience at their home.

When at our dubai cat sitter’s residence, your cat will be pampered throughout and taken good care of.

Food, medications, sleep, playtime, toys, hygiene, and the rest will all be covered by our cat sitter. You will even receive regular updates on what your cat is up to.

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Safe and Convenient Sitting Services in Dubai for Cats!

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Get a Free Quote!

When you book with Pawland, you’ll get a free quote based on the requirements you specify. Our team will also go over what you’ve mentioned and send across three of the best profiles of cat sitters in dubai providing cat sitting services near you in Dubai.

You will get this through Email/Whatsapp, depending on what’s convenient for you.

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Meet Your Cat Sitter!

You can go through the profiles of the three cat sitters in dubai, we send and understand more on whether they’re the right fit for your cat. This can be done through discussions over voice/video call. 

We promise you that there’s a very good chance you’ll love all of them! But, when you decide on the one for your cat, we’ll set up a Meet and Greet session so that you and the dubai cat sitter can sync up on how your cat is to be looked after.

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Enjoy Your Time Off

Our cat sitters in dubai are known to hold down the fort really well. They’ll send you regular photo and video updates, as well as take care of emergencies (if they arise).

You can also rest assured in knowing that you and your cat are covered by the Pawland Guarantee

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Safe Cat Sitting for Your Cat in Dubai!

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All dubai cat sitters are on-boarded only after passing a strict background check

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All dubai cat sitters are deemed certified by our team of cat experts in dubai

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We ensure a secure booking process*

*All booked services are backed by the Pawland Guarantee, 24/7 Support, and Reservation Protection.

Award Winning Dubai Cat Sitting Company

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Cat sitting has never been better than with Pawland. We’re a renowned cat sitting company located in Dubai and other parts of the UAE. Our cat sitters in dubai know how to care for your cat, and give them personalised love. 

Over the years, we’ve curated a strong pool of cat sitters in dubai that have the relevant experience to handle cats. We believe that professional dubai cat sitters will keep your cat purring. With Pawland, you’re guaranteed only the best.

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We have got your pet covered when you are in any kind situation like all the possible situations.
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Pawland Gives You Backup in When There is a Sudden Business Meeting
A dark red symbol with two adults and two kids showing Pawland provides flexible dog sitting services when you go out on trips with your family
A dark red emergency first-aid kit indicating that Pawland provides dog sitting services when you are out on family emergencies
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Why are cat sitting services the way to go in Dubai?

We know that cats are sensitive animals and need to be cared for in the most tender and loving way. This form of care comes straight from the heart when they’re treated like family.

With Pawland, your cat(s) will become a part of our family when you entrust them to the care of one of our cat sitters.

A woman's hand caressing a kitten during a cat sitting service offered by Pawland

Personalised Care

Personalised care is well-known to enhance overall sense of well-being and health in cats. This is why we believe that all animals, big or small, should receive personalised care that is specific to their requirements.

When you book a cat sitting dubai service with us, your cat’s requirements will carefully be understood by our team. Our dubai cat sitters will use this information and follow it to the dot - making sure that your cat has their routines and habits maintained.

Trusted Expertise

Skilled dubai based cat sitters make all the difference in a cat’s life. In fact, caring for cats requires skill and expertise that only trained and professional cat sitters will possess.

We make sure that your furry companion is left in the right hands. That is why all of our dubai cat sitters have the expertise required to look after your cat.

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A white cat with a happy cat sitter who is giving the care to the cat through Pawland’s trusted pet sitting services

100s of Purring Cats

A purring cat is a happy cat. Testifying to this are the 100s of positive customer testimonials we’ve received over the years. This has given us a 100% satisfaction rate, and we’re here to continue loving cats day in and day out.

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Happy Cats Served



5-Star Reviews


Reservations Completed


Repeat Customers


When you book with Pawland, you don’t have to worry about inconvenient and long payment procedures. We’ve simplified the process so that you can do it from anywhere, at any time. Dealing with tricky payment processes is now a thing of the past.


Your entire service is covered by the Reservation Protection Policy. Things under our control always go as planned. But, as with anything, emergencies may arise and cat sitters in dubai may not be able to make it. Under such conditions, our team will work to find you a quick replacement. We ensure you a seamless transition process during such unforeseen conditions.

100% Assured
Money Back

There’s hardly a chance that this guarantee will ever have to be used – but – if at any point you are not satisfied with our services, or the dubai cat sitter fails to show up as promised, we promise a 100% money-back guarantee.


Our customers come above all, so we’re always there for you. Contact us whenever you require and we’ll get to it!

Shannon Sanders

Dubai Knowledge Park

Five yellow stars indicating the five-star rating of Pawland, which is a pet sitting service provider in Dubai

“I’ve had issues with dubai’s cat sitters being unresponsive when I call but my experience was totally different with Pawland. The cat sitter answered my calls, and was proactive in sending me updates as well. At one point, I just knew that things were being taken care of so I didn’t even feel the need to check in.”

Why Pawland Dubai’s Cat Sitting services?

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How Your Cat Benefits

How You Benefit

Giuseppe Castro

Dubai Marina

Five yellow stars indicating the five-star rating of Pawland, which is a pet sitting service provider in Dubai

“My entire booking process was overseen and coordinated smoothly. I know that I will be booking with Pawland again!”

Our Stellar Cat Sitters in Dubai

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Rated No.1 Cat Setting Company in Dubai

divya varghese
divya varghese
26. July, 2023
It was a wonderful experience for me and my pet.He is being taken care with love and care.Amanda is so sweet and easy to communicate. She gave me daily updates and also ensured me that I can have a relaxed vacation. Thank you so much Amanda and Pawland for the wonderful experience...
Mony S
Mony S
25. July, 2023
My two Westy dogs stayed with Ralph for around 4days/3nights. I received regular updates and photos all through. They were cared for very kindly, and hygienic conditions were maintained (this was crucial as one of them has a skin allergy). I am happy to recommend both Ralph and Pawland for the service, thank you so much!
Alesia Siamionava
Alesia Siamionava
25. July, 2023
Highly recommended this company to take care of your pets. 5* quality, pet sitter. First time I used such service for my cat and really happy how sitter take care of him and response with photos and video.
K1n dr3d
K1n dr3d
24. July, 2023
We have had a positive experience, the company. I need to mention Sheryl as a professional who was in charge of our cat for week while we were away from the country. She is highly responsible and caring person, we received the pictures and videos on a daily basis, she was in touch to discuss every situation and to take into account all the additional requests. Can't recommend more!
Kim Hillius
Kim Hillius
24. July, 2023
I can really recommend this pet sitting agency! Especially our sitter Peaches. She did a great job and kept me updated daily. Even if we couldnt meet her, we trusted her and she perfectly gave our cat the attention and Love he deserves! Much better than any pet hotel.
Tara Hession
Tara Hession
23. July, 2023
The team at Pawland are great. I’ve been using them recently for our new puppy and they arrive on time and look after our puppy so well. Highly recommend to anyone looking for pet sitters in Dubai. Really take care of your pets and send constant updates. Brilliant service.
Natalie Bormann
Natalie Bormann
23. July, 2023
This was such a great experience. I booked Sheena to look after my two cats and she did such an amazing job and kept me updated throughout with really nice photos and videos. The cats warmed up to her very fast as well, which was great and I was able to enjoy my vacation without having to worry. I booked last minute and was also amazed how fast and efficient it all went.
Alice Vraniantu
Alice Vraniantu
23. July, 2023
Happy to say that my cats were taken good care of and the person who was sitting took care even of the flood i had from a broken pipe. I was inspired to choose them, my cats and my house were in good hands. 7 stars from me!! ❤️
Nisrine EL MIR
Nisrine EL MIR
22. July, 2023
PAWLAND makes it easier to leave our beloved pets whenever needed at their place and without thr trauma of moving your pet to an unfamiliar environment. Support is customised to the needs of every person and pet with punctuality and professionalism and mostly affection to pets. Highly recommended for those needing to travel every now and then!! YUKI appreciated the support a lot
Sharath Babu Nagarajan
Sharath Babu Nagarajan
22. July, 2023
Much needed service for my pets. Highly recommend Pawland for any pet sitting services.
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Bushy Kitty's Tail represents Pawland's flexibility as per customer's requirement on cat boarding Dubai services

Want to know more about Dubai’s Best Cat Sitting Services?

Check out our FAQ section!

We have many services for cats that you can book from. To do so, all you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1. First and foremost, you’ll have to complete an enquiry form that takes down all the essential information required to care for your cat. Make sure the information you provide is clear and elaborate so that our dubai based cat sitters can follow along with ease.
  • Step 2. We will go over the details you provide and then find three cat sitters that are right for you. Along with this, we will send you a quote of the requested service via Email or Whatsapp.
  • Step 3. You can determine which profile is best suited for your cat. After this, we will arrange for a Meet & Greet session. During this time, you can specify how you want your cat to be cared for by the cat sitter in dubai. They will make note of this and implement the same during the cat sitting service in Dubai.
  • Step 4. Once the service starts, all your cat's needs will be taken care of and they’ll even send you regular photo and video updates.

All our cat sitters are professional individuals who are compliant with our Community Guidelines.

We request that any bookings you make are done 24 hours in advance. Also, during peak holiday seasons, we request that you make bookings as soon as you find out about your plans. This guarantees that your cat will get a suitable cat sitter on time. 

For more on this, you can reach out to us.

All bookings made through Pawland are covered by the Pawland Reservation Protection Policy.

There’s no room for unhappiness when you book Pawland’s cat sitting services. All our cat sitters are professional and polite, and they do everything in their power to keep everyone happy. 

However, if for some reason you are not happy with our services, you can raise a request for another cat sitter. Our team will then get in touch with you to enquire about more about your experience. They will then work to find you an immediate replacement depending on the availability of cat sitters.

if your cat has any first-aid medical requirements during the service, our cat sitters will take care of it. If there are other emergencies or severe conditions that require medical attention, our cat sitters will make sure to get you to a vet as soon as they can.

They are all trustable when it comes to handling such situations.

Cat sitters also know how to administer oral medications, so they will take care of this as well on a regular basis. Just make sure to specify the details on the enquiry form or during the Meet & Greet session.

Yes, you most definitely can! We know that as a cat parent, you’ll want what’s best for them. Considering this, we make sure to involve you in the cat sitter selection process.

When a booking is made, we will send you the profiles of three cat sitters. From these profiles, you get to choose the cat sitter you feel will take care of your cat the best. After this, you can discuss with the selected cat sitter during the Meet & Greet session in detail.

If you want to know more about how to identify the best cat sitter for your cat, read more on it in our blogs below:

Yes! It’s a standard practice at Pawland to have all cat sitters show up on time for a service. In fact, they will most definitely arrive a few minutes before the scheduled service to get settled in and comfortable with your cat. 

If there is ever a situation where your cat sitter will be late, then they’ll reach out to you to inform you of it. Also, if they are ever in an emergency and can’t show up, they’ll let us know immediately. We will find a replacement to prevent any delays in service bookings.

Remember, we have you covered by the Pawland Reservation Protection Policy.

Yes, Pawland is an established pet sitting company all over the UAE. Wherever in the UAE it may be, just reach out to us and we will do what’s necessary to get you and your cat acquainted with a cat sitter.

Yes, you will! Most of our cat sitters have been cat parents at some point in their lives. They know how a cat parent’s heart won’t rest when they’re away. That’s why we make it a practice to have cat sitters send regular photo, video, and text updates of what your cat is doing.

Trusted by 100s of Cat Parents Everywhere

Here’s a look at what our cat parents have to say
Five red stars indicating the five star quality offered by Pawland

Danna Simon null


This cat parent didn't prefer cat boarding facility and avails a in-home cat boarding dubai service to ensure his cat is safe

Great service! Quick to respond, have a great pool of experienced cat sitters in dubai, that are punctual and professional. 

Nicky Bik null


Cat Boarding Dubai service being used by russian cat parent as she avails luxury cat boarding service at her own place
We had Gabriela look after our 2 cats. She was absolutely amazing, sharing update videos every day, and listening to my suggestions on how to play with them. It ..

Mathew Scougall null


Cat Sitter Dubai giving a professional cat boarding dubai service to Pawland Customer at short notice at affordable prices

My cat needs medication to be administered at specific intervals. Pawland’s Cat Boarding service in Dubai is highly rcommended.

Abdul Hafiz null


Australian cat parent Andy availing best cat boarding dubai service for overnight services with the best 5 star cat sitters

I have used the service of Pawland, and I must say it was exceptional.. They took very good care of Milo in my absence.. Milo has already found his second home..

Mary Jane null


Cat Parent from Britain avails top live-in cat boarding dubai service from Pawland for 60 days while she was traveling abroad

I was provided with 3 Cat Sitters in Dubai to choose from. I must say it was a hassle free experience. Cat Boarding done right ! Rock on guys.

Samyuktha null


Russian Cat Parent uses Pawland Cat Boarding Dubai services as opposed to Cattery or Cat Hotels as they are not personalized

Their hospitality, care is amazing. I have a 2 year old cat ben, whenever i make plans to go abroad I needed a place for him to be safe and well taken care of, Pawland has..

Wayne Fernandez null


Egyptian cat parent chooses Pawland Cat Boarding Dubai services for all drop-in visits on a daily basis for his kitty
Great experience. Will definitely be using their services again.

Stephanie null


Middle eastern cat parent is pleased with Pawland Cat Boarding Dubai services for long term cat boarding at home

Excellent service! Very professional and I felt like my pet was in good hands whilst I was away. Katalyn is lovely, personable, and sent plenty of pictures and videos..

Krstel Anne null


Cat Boarding Dubai is being availed by Canadian cat parent who was looking for the best cat boarding service in UAE
Pawland is the best! 💯 quality services and 💯 recommended.

Ranaisha Nage null


Trusted and professional Cat Sitters in Dubai are being preferred by this cat parent in UAE due to personalized cat services
Amazing! Truly satisfied and happy with the service provided by Pawland. They accommodated all my requests amicably which made me appreciate the..

Carolina Lopez null


Cat Boarding Dubai service is being availed by australian cat parent as it is the best alternative to cattery or cat hotel
I am super happy with the care given to my cats Truffle and Waffle by Sitara while I was on leave. Everyday I was updated with how were they, and they were so happy to play..

Jumana Sharpe null


Cat Parent from Lebanon availing kitty boarding services in Dubai at affordable prices provided by Trusted Cat Sitters

Pawland were absolutely great in providing a cat sitter in dubai for my holiday dates. The dubai cat sitter was so kind to my 2 cats, Sushi and Sima, giving..

Kaisa Pederson null


Cat Sitter Dubai is giving Ken's pet the best luxury cat boarding service with personalized care & 1-1 love & attention

I highly recommend Pawland. We paid for a package and had Marison take care of our puppy Frenchie during our busy working period and he absolutely loved ..

Chirag Jadia null


5 Star Pet Sitting Company Pawland provides Indian Cat Parent the best cat boarding service experience in Dubai

Pawland came to our rescue when we were looking for a day care to keep our cat Skye. They provided us with one of their best cat sitters in dubai who ensured Skye is ..

Reshma Kurien null


5 Star Rated Cat Sitter Dubai is being availed by Saudi Arabia's cat parent from Top cat boarding service company Dubai

I am extremely happy with their service. Starting from answering my questions before booking till last competing service, they were highly professional and very ..

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If you’ve got plans, we’ve got plans and services ready to look after your cat! Our cat sitting dubai services are comprehensive, so there’s something for every cat! 

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