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Five yellow stars indicating the five-star rating of Pawland, which is a pet sitting service provider in Dubai

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Ghulam Siddique

Happy Dog Parent, Jumeirah

Five yellow stars indicating the five-star rating of Pawland, which is a pet sitting service provider in Dubai

“I’m beyond elated that I found Pawland right when I needed someone to look after my dog. Their team always responded even at odd hours to ensure I felt at ease. Made my experience hassle-free.”

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Our Pet Sitting Dubai Services

All pets would appreciate a bit of company when you’re away. 

By booking our Drop-In Pet Sitter services in Dubai, one of our trusted and verified pet sitters in dubai will travel to your house to be with your pet when you are focusing on other priorities.   

During this time, they will take care of anything your pet needs. Just give our pet sitter your requirements, and they’ll take care of the rest. You never have to worry about your pet’s next feed or playtime when you’re out taking care of your stuff!


Live-In Pet Sitting

Pet sitter stays at your home

All pets enjoy the security that home sweet home has to offer. In fact, taking them away from this comfort can lead to anxiety! 

With our Live-In Pet Sitter service, your pet can stay at home while you’re away and still have all their needs taken care of by one of our loving pet sitters in dubai

In Dubai, our pet sitters will stay at your home for the duration of the service, and take care of your baby pet just like you do. They’re even equipped with skills to handle emergency situations when you’re away.


In-Home Pet Sitting

Pet care at the sitter’s home

The care your pet receives at home will never compare to the care they receive at a boarding facility.

By boarding your pet, at one of our sitter’s houses with our In-Home Pet Boarding service, your pet will enjoy the freedom of an entire home and be safe. Our pet sitters in dubai will gather your specifications to provide your beloved pet the specific care they need.

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Booking Pet Sitting Services in Dubai has never been easier!

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Request a Free Quote

With each request that you raise, we immediately work to find the top three best pet sitters in Dubai that suit your requirements. We’ll also give you a quote of the requested service.

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Meet and Greet the Sitter

We understand entrusting your little companion with someone else will be hard for you. Once you book a pet sitting service with us in Dubai, the avail Dubai Pet Sitter you select will Meet & Greet you to understand everything about your pet.

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Get Consistent Services

Say goodbye to your worries when it comes to pet sitting services with Pawland. Each of our pet sitting professionals are well-trained to ensure your pets are looked after at all times.
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Trustworthy Pet Sitting Services in Dubai 

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All pet sitters in dubai are on-boarded only after passing a strict background check

A green checkmark in a circle to show that Pawland is verified

All dubai sitters are deemed certified by our team of pet experts

A green checkmark in a circle to show that Pawland is verified

We ensure a secure booking process*

*All booked services are backed by the Pawland Guarantee, 24/7 Support, and Reservation Protection.

Award Winning Dubai Pet Sitting Company

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Pawland is a licensed company in Dubai that genuinely loves and cares for your animals. Our passion for animals is evident in our enthusiasm and affection towards your pets. 

We offer unmatched care for your pet at your home or at one of our dubai based pet sitter’s homes. With our services, your pet will be left feeling nothing but happiness and joy. Over the years, we have worked to establish a trustworthy and professional network of pet sitters in dubai who have decades of experience in pet care and sitting. 

Coming with the expertise to handle any situation, you can remain worry-free when you leave your pets with us. We at Pawland, prioritize the well-being and happiness of your pets. 

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We have got your pet covered when you are in any kind situation like all the possible situations.
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Pawland Gives You Backup in When There is a Sudden Business Meeting
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A dark red emergency first-aid kit indicating that Pawland provides dog sitting services when you are out on family emergencies
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Why is Pawland different from other pet sitting services?

At Pawland, we focus on the long-term value of things. Our services focus on developing a bond with your pet, so that the next time our sitters meet them, your pet would be completely comfortable. 

For us, it’s more than just a service – it’s a culmination of experience & true passion!

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Personalised Care

In your absence, a nurturing environment attuned to your pet’s needs is what makes them feel at home. Personalized care is provided by our sitters who take the time to understand your pet’s characteristics and personality. 

Each one of our pet sitters in Dubai, understands your pet’s routines and needs that suits your pet both physically & mentally. 

Trusted Expertise

One of the hallmarks of trusted expertise is understanding your pet’s psychology and temperament. Our pet sitters in Dubai provide a safe nurturing environment for your furry family member where they are comfortable, feel safe & happy.  We at Pawland always prioritise your pet’s comfort and make sure they are under quality care. 

A happy dog
A red head kissing a cute fluffy dog

100s of Happy Pets

We let our performance rating do the talking. With a 100% satisfaction rate for our pet sitting services in Dubai, we strive to continue providing a comprehensive range of services to cater to your pet’s routines and provide them the care they deserve in your absence.  

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Enjoy an easy and secure transaction process that is authorised by the UAE Government. By choosing our services, you can hire and pay for pet sitting services in Dubai from anywhere, at any time.  


In the unforeseen event that your designated pet sitter in dubai cancels due to an emergency, our team will be prompt in finding you an immediate replacement. Your pet will never have to wait for love! 

100% Assured

If we’re unable to find a pet sitter in dubai for you on time, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. You’re also insured by the Pawland Guarantee!


Customer experience is at the focal point of our services. Reach out to us at any time and we’ll be available around the clock to deliver top-notch customer service.

Cat parent wearing a grey jacket holding up his cat’s paw after Pawland’s pet sitting services in Dubai

Marley Hewitt

Loving Cat Parent, Barsha Heights

Five yellow stars indicating the five-star rating of Pawland, which is a pet sitting service provider in Dubai

 “Skanda and her team have been impressive. One of my cats was in the vets the day before I travelled and I was in distress. Skanda & I had a chat at length on the day I was travelling and assured me that they would keep a close eye. They administered the medication as prescribed, added in extra visits and kept me updated throughout my trip. It’s rare that you come across a set of people that look after your babies like their own. Super happy!!!”

Why pet sitting services are important in Dubai?

With dubai pet sitting services, your pet can enjoy an environment that is set specifically to their needs and requirements. 

Dog is unhappy and heart broken in the cage

Why choose Pawland’s Pet Sitting Dubai Services?


Benefits for your pets

Benefits for pet parents

Cat parent wearing a grey tee shirt holding a fluffy cat in her arms after Pawland’s pet sitting services

Sally Bentley

Happy Cat Parent, Dubai Internet City

Five yellow stars indicating the five-star rating of Pawland, which is a pet sitting service provider in Dubai

“Whether it be during the day or in the middle of the night when I had to be away, Pawland has always been there to take care of my cat. I mostly use their overnight house sitting service. Ever since I have been availing using their services, it’s given so much flexibility to my schedule. Thanks to their team for being there for me!”

Our Stellar Pet Sitters in Dubai

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Rated No.1 Pet Setting Company in Dubai

divya varghese
divya varghese
26. July, 2023
It was a wonderful experience for me and my pet.He is being taken care with love and care.Amanda is so sweet and easy to communicate. She gave me daily updates and also ensured me that I can have a relaxed vacation. Thank you so much Amanda and Pawland for the wonderful experience...
Mony S
Mony S
25. July, 2023
My two Westy dogs stayed with Ralph for around 4days/3nights. I received regular updates and photos all through. They were cared for very kindly, and hygienic conditions were maintained (this was crucial as one of them has a skin allergy). I am happy to recommend both Ralph and Pawland for the service, thank you so much!
Alesia Siamionava
Alesia Siamionava
25. July, 2023
Highly recommended this company to take care of your pets. 5* quality, pet sitter. First time I used such service for my cat and really happy how sitter take care of him and response with photos and video.
K1n dr3d
K1n dr3d
24. July, 2023
We have had a positive experience, the company. I need to mention Sheryl as a professional who was in charge of our cat for week while we were away from the country. She is highly responsible and caring person, we received the pictures and videos on a daily basis, she was in touch to discuss every situation and to take into account all the additional requests. Can't recommend more!
Kim Hillius
Kim Hillius
24. July, 2023
I can really recommend this pet sitting agency! Especially our sitter Peaches. She did a great job and kept me updated daily. Even if we couldnt meet her, we trusted her and she perfectly gave our cat the attention and Love he deserves! Much better than any pet hotel.
Tara Hession
Tara Hession
23. July, 2023
The team at Pawland are great. I’ve been using them recently for our new puppy and they arrive on time and look after our puppy so well. Highly recommend to anyone looking for pet sitters in Dubai. Really take care of your pets and send constant updates. Brilliant service.
Natalie Bormann
Natalie Bormann
23. July, 2023
This was such a great experience. I booked Sheena to look after my two cats and she did such an amazing job and kept me updated throughout with really nice photos and videos. The cats warmed up to her very fast as well, which was great and I was able to enjoy my vacation without having to worry. I booked last minute and was also amazed how fast and efficient it all went.
Alice Vraniantu
Alice Vraniantu
23. July, 2023
Happy to say that my cats were taken good care of and the person who was sitting took care even of the flood i had from a broken pipe. I was inspired to choose them, my cats and my house were in good hands. 7 stars from me!! ❤️
Nisrine EL MIR
Nisrine EL MIR
22. July, 2023
PAWLAND makes it easier to leave our beloved pets whenever needed at their place and without thr trauma of moving your pet to an unfamiliar environment. Support is customised to the needs of every person and pet with punctuality and professionalism and mostly affection to pets. Highly recommended for those needing to travel every now and then!! YUKI appreciated the support a lot
Sharath Babu Nagarajan
Sharath Babu Nagarajan
22. July, 2023
Much needed service for my pets. Highly recommend Pawland for any pet sitting services.
Bushy Kitty's Tail represents Pawland's flexibility as per customer's requirement on cat boarding Dubai services

Still, have questions?

Worry not, for we’ve got your back! Always.

Pet sitting is a service where certified professionals take care of your beloved pets in your absence.  As loving caretakers, they feed your pets, provide companionship, ensure they are safe, and administer medication or any special care. They may also offer additional services based on your personalised pet sitting package request.

Absolutely yes. Once you submit your requirements, our team finalises a set of three pet sitters in dubai based on the requirement provided. 

These pet care professionals in Dubai are carefully chosen based on your specific needs. They are all trained to comply with our quality standards.

We only require the most basic information about your pets from you via the Customer Onboarding form. This will cover food patterns, vaccination records, particulars regarding the vet specialist, and so on. Once collected, our professionals will take it forward.

Pet sitting costs can vary depending on several factors including the location, duration of care, the personalised package chosen, and so forth. 

It is best to reach out to us for a free quote on the various packages suitable for your paw-some pal while you’re away.

We atPawland make sure our reputed dubai pet sitters undergo training to handle challenging situations. Our qualified dubai sitters are knowledgeable in administering basic medical care, provide senior pet care and can even recognize general health issues.

If in case of an emergency, you will be notified immediately to best decide what to do. If your pet needs to go to the vet on an emergency basis, our pet sitters will take them there and ensure proper medical assistance is timely received.

If in the case you are unhappy with the dubai pet professional assigned to you, you may reach out to us

We guarantee a smooth transition to another dubai pet sitter instantly. However, that happening is a rarity.

Generally, it is advised to reserve services far in advance, especially during peak season holidays or when demand is higher. It makes sure your spot is pre-booked and everything goes well under schedule. However, we always accommodate last-minute requests.

On a general basis, we require bookings 24 hours in advance. Reach out to us today.  

Pet Sitting is always recommended as it ensures your pet is in its familiar environment and this reduces a lot of stress & anxiety. An economical alternative would be in-home boarding in dubai. This option still offers the freedom of an entire home which provides your pet a safe & secure environment. For both our services, your pet is covered by the Pawland Guarantee.

It also eliminates the risk of contagious illness from other pets, hygiene factors etc., in a boarding facility

Trusted by 100s of Pet Parents

Take a look at our remarkable customer reviews
Five red stars indicating the five star quality offered by Pawland

Adina Jutten null


Adina Jutten
Pawland took very good care of our 2 bunnies

Sunny Fox null


Middle eastern cat parent is pleased with Pawland Cat Boarding Dubai services for long term cat boarding at home

Amazing professional who took care of my pet while she was on heat and i was away kept me updated very attentive and made her feel very comfortable

Krstel Anne null


Cat Boarding Dubai is being availed by Canadian cat parent who was looking for the best cat boarding service in UAE
Pawland is the best! 💯 quality services and- 💯 recommended..⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Abdul Hafiznull


Australian cat parent Andy availing best cat boarding dubai service for overnight services with the best 5 star cat sitters
I have used the service of Pawland, and I must say it was exceptional. They took very good care of Milo in my absence.. Mio has already found his second home..

Samyuktha null



I have a 2 year old pet ben, whenever i make plans to go abroad I needed a place for him to be safe and well taken care of ,pawland has helped me in this..

Aditi Bharti null


Aditi Bharti
Casper can be really shy but he was super comfortable with Pawlands care taking team who ensured he didn’t miss his evening walk because of my meetings..

Jumana Sharpe null


Cat Parent from Lebanon availing kitty boarding services in Dubai at affordable prices provided by Trusted Cat Sitters

Pawland were absolutely great in providing a pet sitter in dubai for my holiday dates. The sitter was so kind to my 2 pets, Sushi and Sima, giving them..

Neil Hassett null


Cat Boarding Dubai service being used by russian cat parent as she avails luxury cat boarding service at her own place
Luna loves when people come to visit her and play. Pawland is a great service when you need someoneto mind you pet while you are out during the weekend.

Hynde El Kaysi null


H Letter Round Deep Pink Image
Roma was absolutely amazing. She has such a sweet nature and genuinely loves dog. Snoopy, My 4-month old toy poode was immediately at ease with Roma..

Monisha Simon null


Cat Parent from Britain avails top live-in cat boarding dubai service from Pawland for 60 days while she was traveling abroad

We booked their services twice with the dubai pet sitter Sheryl. She took a great care of our fur babies when we were away for 15 days. Team pawland was very..

Anastasiia null


Australian cat parent Andy availing best cat boarding dubai service for overnight services with the best 5 star cat sitters
This service is amazing– Adrninistrators asked some questions about our request and helped really fast to choose daycare nanny for our dog. We’d like to leave..

Tyra Zaneta Yah null


T Letter Round Dark Yellow Image
I use Pawland for all my pet sitting needs! They’re reliable, fast, and very responsive. I feel safe leaving my pups with their sitters and am able to book with ease..

Deepa Oommen null


This cat parent didn't prefer cat boarding facility and avails a in-home cat boarding dubai service to ensure his cat is safe

Thank you for the support Pawland and also allocating the Pet Sitter available in dubai. I was very tensed when I was going on leave as my pet has never stayed with..

Chirag Jadia null


5 Star Pet Sitting Company Pawland provides Indian Cat Parent the best cat boarding service experience in Dubai

Pawland came to our rescue when we were looking for a day care to keep our pet Skye. They provided us with one of their best pet sitters in dubai who ensured..

Roisin ODonneIl null


5 Star Rated Cat Sitter Dubai is being availed by Saudi Arabia's cat parent from Top cat boarding service company Dubai

It’s the first time we left our dog since he’s been with us for 1.5 years. We were so comforted to know he was with Ahmad who provided regular updates ..

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Whether you are going on a weekend getaway with family, or a long vacation overseas, or your pet needs special care because it’s not keeping well, our 1-1 personalized care will give you absolute peace of mind.

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