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No more isolations in small rooms for 12+ hours
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Five yellow stars indicating the five-star rating of Pawland, which is a pet sitting service provider in Dubai

5-Stars from 200+ Reviews

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Laurie Waters

Pet Mom, Bur Dubai

Five yellow stars indicating the five-star rating of Pawland, which is a pet sitting service provider in Dubai

“When I was desperate for a place to leave my pet, Pawland came swooping in. Their in-home pet boarding services are the safest option for anyone looking for a boarding option. My pet was so comfortable at their pet sitter’s house that she goes there often while I am away on business trips! Convenience at its best !”

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Pet Boarding Options in Dubai

How does it work?

In-Home Boarding

Pet stays at the sitter's house

Worried about leaving your pet behind at home alone? Our in-home pet boarding service in Dubai is the perfect option for you.

Your pet(s) stay at the sitter’s home where they receive unmatched attention and care similar to what they’d receive when you’re there! This is your best bet if you wouldn’t want your pet to get isolated in a small room for 12+ hours at a boarding facility.

If your pet has to go to a daycare facility during the day, and stay at the sitter’s house at night, our pet sitters will take care of shuttling them to and from the location. This avoids them being confined in a small room from 6 PM to next morning 8 AM.


Drop-in Visits

Pet sitter visits your pet at your home

Having a packed schedule from morning to evening, or even during the middle of the night? Worry not, we at Pawland offer the best drop-in pet sitter visit services in Dubai so that your pet will never have to be alone.

Book our pet sitting services in Dubai and rest assured that everything will be taken care of when you’re away. We got everything covered from feeding your pet to even exercising and playing with them.


House Boarding

Pet sitter stays at your home

Our live-in pet sitter services are just as the name suggests – when one of our pet sitters comes over to stay at your place.

One of our experienced pet sitters will stay at your home and ensure your pet receives all the love, care, and affection in the world. 

Your pet receives one-on-one attention including being fed, bathed, litter cleaned and even groomed based on the services you opt for. There’s no better place than home.

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Book an in-home pet boarding
service in Dubai in just a few clicks!

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Request a Free Quote

For each request that you raise, our team will give you a free quote after reviewing your requirements.

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Meet and Greet Session

We’ll send you three of the best pet sitter profiles for in-home pet boarding services in Dubai, and you can choose the best one for you. You also get a Meet and Greet session to ensure a good initial rapport between you, your pet, and our pet sitter.
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Enjoy Peace of Mind

While your pet stays at our pet sitter’s house, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing they’re in good hands.

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Book In-Home Pet Boarding Services in Dubai that You Can Trust

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All pet sitters are on-boarded only after passing a strict background check

A green checkmark in a circle to show that Pawland is verified

All pet sitters are deemed certified by our team of pet experts

A green checkmark in a circle to show that Pawland is verified

We ensure a secure booking process*

*All booked services are backed by the Pawland Guarantee, 24/7 Support, and Reservation Protection

Award Winning Pet Boarding Company in Dubai

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Pawland is a licensed dubai pet boarding company that provides unparalleled quality care for your pets! 

Whether you need a short or long-term pet boarding solution in dubai, Pawland’s pet sitters are available throughout all hours of the day and night, eagerly waiting to take care of your furry companion. 

We have built a trusted & experienced network of Pet Sitters that will provide excellent care for your pets. 

By choosing Pawland, you get pet boarding services from the best dubai pet professionals in the country. They’ll make sure your pet’s moments are filled with love.

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We have got your pet covered when you are in any kind situation like all the possible situations.
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Pawland Gives You Backup in When There is a Sudden Business Meeting
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A dark red emergency first-aid kit indicating that Pawland provides dog sitting services when you are out on family emergencies
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How is Pawland different from other pet boarding services in Dubai?

Our in-home pet boarding services in Dubai are focused on the well-being and happiness of your pet companion. We believe that it is crucial for your pet to receive individualised attention and care when you’re not there.

Forget having to leave your pet in an unfamiliar pet boarding facility. We understand that doing so leads to anxiety and stress for not just your pet, but also you! 

When you book our services, your pet immediately becomes part of our family.

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Personalised Care

We all have our own unique routines, and our pets develop their own routines around it! When you’re away, these routines will be maintained for your pet with our personalised services and care.  An individualised approach ensures that your pet doesn’t undergo stress and anxiety in your absence. Our primary goal is gaining a strong understanding of your pet’s specific needs and requirements. Your pet sitter will then adopt a personalised approach to take care of your pet by considering their holistic well-being.

Trusted Expertise

Being pet parents ourselves, we understand the importance of peace of mind when you’re away. All our pet sitters are trained professionals with years of experience who will make sure your pet is taken care of like their own. 

Our experts are trained to handle all situations, from administering medication to offering ample playtime and affection, our pet sitters are there for it all. There’s nothing they haven’t seen before!

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Happy Customers

Our happy pets and parents have expressed a 100% satisfaction rate in our consistent and exceptional services. All our customers have had positive experiences with our in-home pet boarding services in Dubai. 

Day in and day out, we are on a mission to not let our flawless satisfaction rate falter.

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Repeat Customers


Pawland has a secure transaction and payment process that is authorised by the Dubai government. With our convenient and secure payment options, you can book at the convenience of wherever you may be.


We’ve got you covered if something unpredictable goes wrong or happens before or during your service with the Pawland Reservation Protection Policy. You and your pet will never be left hanging. 

100% Assured

If we are unable to accommodate your in-home pet boarding request in Dubai, we assure you a 100% money-back guarantee. Additionally, you are also secured with the Pawland Guarantee. We strive to deliver full satisfaction to our pets and pet parents.


At Pawland, we always want our customers to have a smooth experience. In case you have any inconveniences, you can contact us at any moment and we’ll support you around the clock.

Parakeet owner kissing a parakeet in her hand after availing pet boarding services in Dubai from Pawland

Helena Bind

Parakeet Mom, Dubai Studio City

Five yellow stars indicating the five-star rating of Pawland, which is a pet sitting service provider in Dubai

 I was apprehensive about leaving my pet parakeet somewhere when I was away, but Skanda’s team eased all my concerns. Their customer service team was also willing to address all my queries. Moreover, the actual boarding service was honestly much better than I expected it to be.”

Reasons why you should opt for in-home pet boarding services in Dubai

Dog is unhappy and heart broken in the cage

How will your pet benefit?

How will you benefit?

Cat owner kissing grey cat wearing yellow tank top after pet boarding services in Dubai from Pawland

Amber Bush

Pet Parent, Dubai Production City

Five yellow stars indicating the five-star rating of Pawland, which is a pet sitting service provider in Dubai

No one better understands the way I care for my Pet. To my surprise, Nisha, Ellen, Janice all took care of my pet so well. I had given the brief only once to Kejal’s team at Pawland and they are very professional in their approach. Kudos!”

Our Stellar Pet Sitters in Dubai

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Rated No.1 Pet Boarding Company in Dubai

divya varghese
divya varghese
26. July, 2023
It was a wonderful experience for me and my pet.He is being taken care with love and care.Amanda is so sweet and easy to communicate. She gave me daily updates and also ensured me that I can have a relaxed vacation. Thank you so much Amanda and Pawland for the wonderful experience...
Mony S
Mony S
25. July, 2023
My two Westy dogs stayed with Ralph for around 4days/3nights. I received regular updates and photos all through. They were cared for very kindly, and hygienic conditions were maintained (this was crucial as one of them has a skin allergy). I am happy to recommend both Ralph and Pawland for the service, thank you so much!
Alesia Siamionava
Alesia Siamionava
25. July, 2023
Highly recommended this company to take care of your pets. 5* quality, pet sitter. First time I used such service for my cat and really happy how sitter take care of him and response with photos and video.
K1n dr3d
K1n dr3d
24. July, 2023
We have had a positive experience, the company. I need to mention Sheryl as a professional who was in charge of our cat for week while we were away from the country. She is highly responsible and caring person, we received the pictures and videos on a daily basis, she was in touch to discuss every situation and to take into account all the additional requests. Can't recommend more!
Kim Hillius
Kim Hillius
24. July, 2023
I can really recommend this pet sitting agency! Especially our sitter Peaches. She did a great job and kept me updated daily. Even if we couldnt meet her, we trusted her and she perfectly gave our cat the attention and Love he deserves! Much better than any pet hotel.
Tara Hession
Tara Hession
23. July, 2023
The team at Pawland are great. I’ve been using them recently for our new puppy and they arrive on time and look after our puppy so well. Highly recommend to anyone looking for pet sitters in Dubai. Really take care of your pets and send constant updates. Brilliant service.
Natalie Bormann
Natalie Bormann
23. July, 2023
This was such a great experience. I booked Sheena to look after my two cats and she did such an amazing job and kept me updated throughout with really nice photos and videos. The cats warmed up to her very fast as well, which was great and I was able to enjoy my vacation without having to worry. I booked last minute and was also amazed how fast and efficient it all went.
Alice Vraniantu
Alice Vraniantu
23. July, 2023
Happy to say that my cats were taken good care of and the person who was sitting took care even of the flood i had from a broken pipe. I was inspired to choose them, my cats and my house were in good hands. 7 stars from me!! ❤️
Nisrine EL MIR
Nisrine EL MIR
22. July, 2023
PAWLAND makes it easier to leave our beloved pets whenever needed at their place and without thr trauma of moving your pet to an unfamiliar environment. Support is customised to the needs of every person and pet with punctuality and professionalism and mostly affection to pets. Highly recommended for those needing to travel every now and then!! YUKI appreciated the support a lot
Sharath Babu Nagarajan
Sharath Babu Nagarajan
22. July, 2023
Much needed service for my pets. Highly recommend Pawland for any pet sitting services.
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Bushy Kitty's Tail represents Pawland's flexibility as per customer's requirement on cat boarding Dubai services

Still have Questions? We’ve got you covered.

Check out our FAQ section!

Our booking process is simple! Just do the following:

  • Fill out the enquiry form when you book our services - this should just take a few minutes 
  • The Pawland Team will get back to you within minutes via Email or Whatsapp.
  • We’ll send you profiles of three ideal pet sitters for you providing in-home pet boarding services in Dubai
  • Choose your preferred pet sitter from this list

Once the payment and booking process is complete, your chosen pet sitter will visit your home for a Meet and Greet session. This allows you, your pet, and the pet sitter to get acquainted prior to the start of the service.

Worry not! Our pet sitters at Pawland will ensure that your pet receives the necessary care and attention. All you have to do is to provide detailed information about your pet’s specific medication needs on the booking form and our trained pet sitters will take care of the rest while you are away.

Yes, we encourage you to bring your pet's regular food to maintain their diet consistency. You can also bring along their favourite bedding or toys to provide a sense of familiarity during their stay. 

Throughout the service, our pet sitters will ensure adherence to our standard practices.

Your pet will stay at the home of one of our pet sitter’s houses. You get to choose the best sitter that meets your requirements. This option is much more feasible and comfortable for your pet when compared to boarding them at a facility. 

You and your pet are covered by the Pawland Guarantee during their stay.

 Yes! At Pawland, safety and security are of utmost importance. This is why our team enforces a strict and extensive background verification that all our pet sitters are subjected to before they are welcomed on to the team.
When you choose our in-home pet boarding services in Dubai, our pet sitters will perform the following responsibilities:
  • Feed your pets
  • Give them ample playtime
  • Administer medication at regular intervals
  • Provide basic grooming services
  • Monitor for signs of illness
  • Provide support to the vet in case of emergencies
  • Update you with regular photos and videos of your pets

Of course! After we have allocated you a pet sitter, we arrange a face-to-face Meet & Greet session so that you can interact with the pet sitter. During this session, you can ask any questions you may have, as well as state your specifications on care requirements.

Absolutely! Our commitment to personalised care means that we provide you with regular updates on your pet's well-being according to your suitable times through video calls or photos.

All the pet sitters associated with Pawland are certified and experienced. Our pet sitters are chosen from a pool of 300+ experienced pet sitters in the UAE. Before onboarding, our pet sitters undergo rigorous assessment and training. We have years of experience in serving clients with a demonstrated 100% satisfaction rate.

Yes, we require you to submit your pet's vaccination booklet as proof of up-to-date vaccinations. This is to ensure that the pet sitters have a thorough knowledge of your pet’s medical status to handle any medical situations that may arise.

Trusted by 100s of Pet Parents

Take a look at what they have to say!
Five red stars indicating the five star quality offered by Pawland

jithin babu null


Cat Parent from Lebanon availing kitty boarding services in Dubai at affordable prices provided by Trusted Cat Sitters
Great place for the pets. Friendly and energetic staffs . Good work. Keep going 👍🏼😊

Hashem Istaitia null


H Letter Round Deep Pink Image

Best service. Looking after pets as if they are their own.

binoy francis null


binoy francis

Good team & good care
They take care my pet during my vacation, iam really happy With their service👍🏼

Adina Jutten null


Adina Jutten
Pawland took very good care of our 2 bunnies

Sunny Fox null



Amazing professional who took care of my pet while she was on heat and i was away kept me updat
very attentive and made her feel very comfortable

Abdul Hafiz null


Abdul Hafiz
I have used the service of Pawland, and I must say it was exceptional _ They took very good care of Milo in my absence. Milo has already found his second home ..

Aditi Bharti null


Australian cat parent Andy availing best cat boarding dubai service for overnight services with the best 5 star cat sitters
Casper can be really shy but he was super comfortable with Pawlancfs care taking team who ensured he didnt miss his evening walk because of my meetings..

mohamed null


Cat Sitter Dubai giving a professional cat boarding dubai service to Pawland Customer at short notice at affordable prices
Very efficient and professional service , the’re always timely in the’re response and always have the most wonderful sitters . Thank you pawland

Apoorva null


Aditi Bharti
I came across pawland when I needed to find a boarding fir my little pup “Olly”. Being apart from my baby is so stressful and the idea of someone else taking care..

Narjis Razvi null


Narjis Razvi

Thank you pawland for taking care of my pet Your servu:e ts amazing and i would advice all the
pet parents to go With pawland as they tc of everything

Anupama Prasad null


Australian cat parent Andy availing best cat boarding dubai service for overnight services with the best 5 star cat sitters

Team Pawland took good care of my pet They used to send us regular updates by shanng videos and
pictures of my pet She was loved and cared for by the caretakers.

Nicky Bikini null


Cat Boarding Dubai service being used by russian cat parent as she avails luxury cat boarding service at her own place

We had Gabriela look after our 2 pets She was absolutely amazing, sharing update videos every day,
and listening to my suggestions on how to play with them It..

Mereena linu null


Cat Sitter Dubai giving a professional cat boarding dubai service to Pawland Customer at short notice at affordable prices
IWe recently used Pawland servce for the first tme and I’d say they are amazing. They take care of my little one when I was on vacation and kept me updated With..

Dubai Life null


Dubai Life
Services are amazing‘ Our petsltter was so kind, helpful and took care for all of my 5 pets on the high level_ Everyday i recwed reposts about their behavior, mood, food..

Wajih null


Egyptian cat parent chooses Pawland Cat Boarding Dubai services for all drop-in visits on a daily basis for his kitty
Excellent service! Very professional and I felt like my pet was in good hands whilst I was away Katalyn is lovely personable, and sent plenty of pictures and videos..

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Whether your are going on a weekend getaway with family, or a long vacation overseas, or your Pet needs special care because it’s not keeping well, our 1-1 personalised care will give you absolute peace of mind.

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